Colorado Star Player Travis Hunter Hospitalized During Game Against Colorado State

Colorado star player, Travis Hunter, had to go to the hospital during a big game against Colorado State. Travis is a special player because he can play both offense and defense for the team, and he’s even getting attention for a top football award called the Heisman Trophy. He joined the Colorado team when his coach, Deion Sanders, moved from Jackson State to Colorado.

During the game, while Travis was playing offense, he got hit really hard by a Colorado State player named Henry Blackburn. He got hurt and had to stay on the field while the team’s trainers helped him. The other player, Blackburn, got in trouble with the referees for hitting Travis too hard. Travis came back into the game for a little while but had to leave for good later on.

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We’re not sure if the hit from Blackburn caused Travis to leave the game, but it added tension to an already intense game. The Colorado quarterback, Shedeur Sanders, stood up for Travis after the hit.

Travis is a very talented player, and he surprised a lot of people when he chose to play for Jackson State with coach Sanders instead of going to Florida State, where he had previously committed to playing. He and Coach Sanders have a strong bond because they both played on both sides of the ball during their college football careers.

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Some people are worried about Travis playing so much in every game, but Coach Sanders thinks he can handle it because he knows how to manage a player with this kind of workload from his own experience.

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