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Insta Millionaire Hindi Pdf Download

insta millionaire full story pdf in hindi free download

Let’s talk about the story of Insta Millionaire Hindi PDF Episode 1.


Insta Millionaire Hindi Pdf

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Written by (Author)Swapnil
NarratorSuraj Kumar
SourcePocket FM
Total Episodes 992
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insta millionaire full story pdf

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They say Delhi is the heartthrob of hearts, but it’s also said that Delhi can be deceitful. All these qualities were present in Lucky, also known as Laxman Lal Agarwal. People would often judge him based on his appearance and say, “You’re definitely from Delhi.” Lucky, on the surface, appeared smart and attractive. Due to his laid-back nature, he carried himself in a very simple manner.

His shirt was untucked, and his pants were loosely held up. You could say he resembled the young boys who would race their motorcycles on the streets of Delhi at night. However, Lucky, or Laxman Lal Agarwal, only focused on going from his room to college and spending some time with his girlfriend Dimple. Then, he would head back home after college, stopping by shops for home deliveries along the way.

Sometimes, when he saw other guys showing off on empty roads while riding their motorcycles, he would say to himself, “My time will come.” He envisioned a day when he would sit with his glasses on, with Dimple’s hand on his waist, as he sped his motorcycle around India Gate. The hearts of everyone in Delhi would burn with envy upon seeing us. Even the “burnol” (an ointment for burns) stored in the shops would be of no use. Lakhim the shopkeeper, said this and squeezed the burnol cream in his hands. As he squeezed, the cream went flying out. “Hey, what are you doing? Are you trying to be a sponge ball?” scolded the shop owner, and he slapped Lucky on the head.


“Sorry, sorry, sir, sorry,” Lucky said, trying to protect his head. He worked at a small medical store in Karol Bagh. The store was named “Chaman Medical Store,” and its owner was Chaman himself. Lucky had been working at this little shop for the past 5 years. It was a necessity for him. Financial constraints compelled him to do part-time jobs while pursuing his college studies. He had tried finding better opportunities, but luck didn’t favor him, and he ended up at this medical store.

Chaman scolded him, “You fool, your father will pay for this. This expense will be deducted from your salary, and it’ll be at double the rate from MRP. Chaman grumbled with gritted teeth. Due to anger, his nose had flared up, and Lucky, feeling nervous, asked the owner, “Why double, sir? So that next time, before you make any such moves, you’ll think twice.” Chaman said, taking the tube away from his hand. He wanted to wipe his hand on Lucky’s head one more time, but just before that, the shop’s phone started ringing.

As soon as the phone rang, Lucky saw an opportunity to escape, and he rushed to answer it. “Hello, this is Chaman Medical Store, the best in Karol Bagh. Please tell me what you need?” This was the patented line Lucky had to deliver, no matter who was calling. Just as he finished his part, the response came from the other side. “I’m calling from Room No. 303 at Parveen Night Hotel. It’s a small order. Note it down and get the order delivered quickly.” It was a guy’s voice, with a sense of urgency and an odd rush in his tone

As soon as Lucky heard that voice, he couldn’t understand why that voice sounded so familiar. “Yes, sir, please tell me your order?” Lucky inquired. “I need two packs of HeartPlay and one pack of tissues,” the voice responded. Lucky, who had his pen ready, hesitated when he heard the name “HeartPlay.” In reality, HeartPlay was a brand of condoms. Upon hearing its name, Lucky felt embarrassed.

Even after working at the medical store for so many years, he still felt awkward when it came to such items. “Did you write that down or not?” the man asked again. “Yes, sir, I’ve written it down, sir,” Lucky replied with a slightly embarrassed chuckle. “If you’ve written it down, then go and get it. And don’t delay, understood?” the man instructed.

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Before Lucky could say anything further, the man on the phone continued, “Are you refusing Mr. Malhotra’s daughters? Pack everything properly in a tray due to the rain and deliver it quickly. But don’t be late, understand?” The man paused, and before Lucky could respond, the call ended. Lucky’s boss, Chaman Lal, was giving him a stern look. Lucky’s boss saw the pen and paper in his hand and understood that he had received an order. Given the heavy rain today, the shop had been busier than usual since morning.

In such circumstances, Chaman Lal didn’t want to turn down any order. He said, “What are you staring at? Rain won’t be an excuse. Go!” Lucky looked outside and saw the heavy rain. Water had accumulated in front of their shop, and due to the strong winds, the signboard of Chaman Medical Store had fallen down. Lucky knew that it would be nearly impossible to go out in this heavy rain.

Trying to explain to the man on the phone, he said, “Sir, I will bring the order, but it might take some time. The rain needs to subside a bit.” Before he could say more, the man on the other end spoke, “Is it because you’re refusing Mr. Malhotra’s son? Make sure everything is well-packed and deliver it soon. But don’t take too long, got it?” And before Lucky could respond again, the man hung up.

Chaman Lal, Lucky’s boss, was staring at him as if demanding an explanation. Lucky held the pen and paper, indicating he had an order. Chaman could understand that. Today, due to the heavy rain, the store had been receiving customers all day. In such a scenario, Chaman didn’t want to turn down any order. He said, “What are you staring at? Go! And remember, rain won’t be an excuse.” Lucky looked at the heavy rain outside. His attempt to use the rain as an excuse seemed to have failed.

He had no choice but to go. “Yes, sir, but the rain is quite heavy,” Lucky replied. He was hesitating to go out in such heavy rain. “Don’t think you can avoid this by using the rain as an excuse. You need to go,” Chaman Lal insisted. “I’m not making an excuse, sir. If the rain slows down a bit, I’ll head out,” Lucky said. “Don’t tell me that. Is Mr. Malhotra’s son going to shut down my store? Get his order right away!” Chaman Lal said with urgency. “Even now, his order needs to be taken. Hurry!”

insta millionaire full story pdf

They are our very old customers. Chaman said, but it was just a streak of luck, Kitchen replied. But you take my motorbike, he said angrily, “Sir, in a 200 order, we will barely save 40 rupees. With that, it would cost three times the petrol alone, and if the bike broke down on the road, you’d have an additional expense,” Lucky explained. He knew that his boss wouldn’t pay attention to these things. Chaman Lal said, “No worries for you. Whatever happens, the customer should not be upset. Besides, he’s Mr. Malhotra’s son.” Chaman Lal took the motorcycle key and tossed it towards Lucky.

Seeing it, a mixed feeling welled up within him. On one hand, he was delighted to get a chance to ride a bike after a long time. But on the other hand, he felt sorrowful because even if he got the bike, if it got damaged in heavy rain, he’d be responsible for it. With his head hanging low, he put on his raincoat and helmet and left the place. Looking at the bike outside, Lucky thought, “Alright, let’s see what happens. Whatever will be, will be.” At least he was getting a chance to ride a bike. In reality, despite working for so many years, Lucky hadn’t been able to buy a motorbike for himself. His salary was so meager that it only covered his room rent, the cost of inflating the bike’s tires, electricity, water bill, and eating out once or twice a month with Dimple.

He often remembered, “Lucky, if you don’t buy a bike this month, I’ll break up with you, just wait and see.” In truth, Dimple had a strong desire to ride a bike with Lucky. In this desolate life, Lucky was the only one for whom she wanted to live. Whenever she talked about the bike, Lucky would dismiss her with a laugh. He knew deep down that Dimple loved him immensely and she would never leave him. They were entwined in each other’s hearts, like clouds merging in the rain.

Lucky liked Dimple a lot, and he wanted to bring the world’s happiness for her. He wished to take Dimple on a plane ride one day, but his dreams would never fully materialize due to his low-paying job. But today, he had an opportunity. He wanted to take Dimple along with him on Rajpath in this rain. He wanted to show her Delhi. He already had an excuse ready to give to Chaman Lal after the swift delivery. He was going straight to Dimple after completing the delivery.

Continuation: insta millionaire full story pdf

He parked the motorbike outside the hotel and walked straight into the hotel. As Lucky reached the reception, he greeted the receptionist and said, “I’m from Chaman Medical Store, here for an order for room number 303, sir.” The man at the reception, looking at the black bag in his hand, already understood what was inside. With a faint smile, he said, “Go up to the third floor in the elevator, take off your raincoat right here, as the man instructed.” Just as Lucky was about to say something further, his eyes widened. He saw something in front of him that made him feel like the roof was descending over him. A thunderous lightning bolt had struck down from the sky. Standing in front of him was a girl. The girl was none other than Dimple, his girlfriend. She was wearing a brown-colored nightie. Her hair was damp and thick. The fragrance made it quite clear that she had just taken a shower.

“Dimple, what are you doing here?” Lucky could hardly believe his eyes. He blinked his eyelids twice, but each time he opened them, he still saw Dimple right in front of him. “Are you stalking me here, Lucky?” Dimple playfully turned the tables on him. Looking at Lucky, her heartbeat quickened. She had never expected Lucky to come here. She hadn’t called him since morning, nor had she responded to his messages. She had been planning to meet him the next day and tell him that she had not been feeling well.

“Dimple, sweetheart, what happened? Who are you talking to?” Suddenly, a young man resembling Gabru, stood by the door. He was wearing a vest. Lucky recognized him instantly. “Rahul’s kid, how dare you touch my Dimple?” As soon as he saw Rahul, Lucky felt like his body was on fire. He wanted to beat Rahul so badly, wanted to hurt him so much, that there was no limit to it.

But he was a student at the same college. Rahul and Dimple were also studying there, and the college belonged to Rahul’s father. Dimple had secured a job in a company owned by Rahul’s father, and Rahul had shown interest in her as well. However, a couple of times, Dimple had asked Rahul to stay away from her, but she had brushed it off, saying they were just good friends. Even today, before Lucky could say anything further, Dimple stepped in between the two. “Stop right there,” Dimple said angrily, and she placed her hand on Lucky’s chest, stopping him.

Lucky was taking long breaths, and after a few moments, his anger subsided. Now, Dimple had nothing to hide, so she said to Lucky, “From today, we’re breaking up.” Lucky’s heart sank as if the ground had shifted beneath his feet. His eyes turned teary. He couldn’t believe what he was hearing. He looked at Dimple, and before he could say anything, Dimple continued, “Lucky, we’ve been together for the past year. And you want to break up with me?” Suddenly, Rahul appeared beside her. “Dimple, what’s happening here? Who are you talking to?” Lucky looked at Rahul and recognized him immediately. He wanted to beat Rahul so badly, hurt him so much, that there would be no limit to it.

But the college he was attending was the same college Rahul and Dimple were studying in. And that college happened to be owned by Rahul’s father. Dimple had secured a job in a company owned by Rahul’s father, and Rahul was also pursuing her. However, a couple of times, Dimple had asked Rahul to stay away from her, but she had brushed it off, saying they were just good friends. Even today, before Lucky could say anything further, Dimple intervened. “Stop right there,” Dimple said angrily, and she placed her hand on Lucky’s chest, stopping him.

Lucky was taking deep breaths, and after a few breaths, his anger started to subside. Now, Dimple had nothing to hide, so she said to Lucky, “From today, we’re breaking up.” As soon as Lucky heard these words, it felt like the ground had shifted beneath him. His eyes welled up with tears. He couldn’t believe what he was hearing. He looked at Dimple, and before he could say anything, Dimple continued, “Lucky, we’ve been together for the past year. And now you want to break up?” Suddenly, Rahul appeared beside her. “Dimple, what’s going on? Who are you talking to?” Lucky recognized Rahul instantly. He wanted to pounce on Rahul, to hurt him so badly that there would be no end to it.

Dimple, what’s wrong, dear? Who are you talking to? Rahul, who was standing by the door, suddenly spoke up. He was wearing a vest. As soon as Lucky saw Rahul, his anger flared up as if a fire had ignited inside him. He wanted to beat Rahul so badly, hurt him so much that there would be no bounds to his rage.

Then he took the bag from Lucky’s hand, pulled out a packet of heart-shaped confetti, and started waving it in the air to mock him. “Oh, who else could be so unfortunate in this world?” Rahul taunted, tugging at his leg. Lucky had no answer to his words. He looked angrily at Dimple and clenched his fists. Then he turned and left without saying anything. “Hey, are you going to take the money too? Will everything be given to you for free?” Rahul yelled with a burst of laughter.

But Lucky left without listening to him. Dimple’s words were echoing in his mind. He had never dreamed that Dimple could do something like this to him. The person for whom he was willing to do so much didn’t even value him. Lucky was so shattered that he cried uncontrollably. This time, he didn’t take the lift but descended the stairs, and with each step, tears flowed from his eyes.

When some people heard his voice and came out of their rooms, Lucky wiped his tears quickly and rushed away. It was the first time he had fallen in love in his life. And due to a lack of money, not only had his love slipped away, but his whole life had fallen apart. As Lucky stepped outside, he noticed that it had become dark. The sky lit up with a bright lightning flash, and then the rain slowed down. Again, suddenly, the rain started pouring heavily. Seeing this, Lucky’s restrained tears burst forth once more. His heart was completely shattered. Yet, he felt a strange sense of happiness, finally having seen Dimple’s true face today. He had been thinking about building a life together with her. But it was a good thing that he had saved himself from ruining his life by moving into her house.

Lucky was experiencing deep sorrow, but he also felt that moving forward, this sorrow would eventually lead him to happiness. However, one thing was bothering him – his financial situation. His wallet was so tight that he had to sew up the torn pocket and move around. Sometimes, he managed to get through the day with just a simple meal. He had been trying for a while to find a decent job, but he wasn’t willing to accept just any job that came his way.

Continuing from where we left off –Insta Millionaire Hindi Pdf Download

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Trying to console his shattered heart, Lucky thought that maybe saving the money he would have spent on Dimple could improve his situation. However, he knew he wouldn’t become rich overnight. He looked up at the sky and yelled out loud. If he was destined to be unlucky, then why was his name Lucky? He yelled so loudly that people around him got scared. Lucky yelled as loud as he could, and his voice resonated in the surroundings. Lucky was looking up, and his tears mixed with the rainwater.

Just as he was about to burst into tears, he received a message on his phone. As he started reading the message, his eyes widened in surprise. Suddenly, his tears turned into laughter, and he began dancing energetically right there on the road. The message read, “According to family research and decisions, Lakshman Lal Agarwal, aka Lucky, has passed the poverty test and from today onwards, he will be the heir of the Agarwal family’s land and property, which had his name on it.”

What kind of message was this? Who was Lucky after all? What was his reality? And how had he transformed from Unlucky to Lucky overnight? Do you know anything about Lucky? After breaking up with Dimple, what will Lucky do next? What’s going to happen in his life from now on? These are numerous questions you can discover in the upcoming story.


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