Vedanta Products

The largest mining and iron ore metallurgical company in India. The Indian Headquarters of Vedanta Company is in Mumbai, Maharashtra 

Product Portfolio Oil & Ga Applications Hydrocarbon Refineries, Fertilizer Sector Product Portfolio Oil & Gas

Product Portfolio copper  Applications Cables, Transformers, Power Systems, Electric Automotives Product Portfolio Copper Cathode, Continuous Cast Rods

Product Portfolio Iron Ore, Pig Iron, Metcoke, Cement, Nickel & Cobalt, Waste Heat Recovery Power  Applications Steelmaking, Construction Automotive Sector

Product Portfolio Power  Applications Commercial Power & Captive Use

Product Portfolio High Carbon Ferro Chrome  Applications Manufacturing of Stainless Steel, Ball-Bearing Steels, Tool Steels and other Alloy Steels.

Product Portfolio TMT Bars, DI Pipes, Wire Rods, Billets, Pig Iron  Applications Construction & Infrastructure, Transportation Energy Packaging Appliances & Industry

Australia and Zambia have mining operations and three countries have oil and gas operations.

Vedanta Resources Limited is a global India's largest mining company headquartered in London, England.