tata power share  price

Low 182.35   H 298.5

The company is in the electric utilities sector. The total valuation (market value) of the company is 65,105 crores.

The price of one share is 200.10 in BSE market today and 200.15 in NSE market today.

Last year's total income was Rs 8,815.13 crore while total sales stood at Rs 8,070.16 crore

Tata Power Company tata power share company's net profit stood at Rs 148.12 crore.

In 2023, you are likely to see the target of tata power share at Rs 660.

Will be between Rs 400 and Rs 470 for 2024, between Rs 510 and Rs 550 for 2025

From a long-term perspective, this may be a good time to buy Tata Power on every dip.

Adani Power's revenue growth is higher than Tata Power's, indicating better operating efficiencie