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The search engines should be aware of the essentials to improve their site and should also be aware of the features of the 'Google Search Console

Google Search Console is a free to use service from Google. With the help of Google Search Console, you can monitor the performance of your site.

Once a site is submitted to Google Search Console, Google crawls and indexes it.

The submitted site is shown to the visitor by indexing the circle, which ranks the page.

With the help of the search console, you can see the incoming traffic, which country and how much traffic is coming.

You can also find information about issues Google found indexing your site, spam, and other issues.

Keep the site working fine. Through Search Console, you can keep city on server issues, site loading problems as well as many other problems.

If you are creating your own markup and/or code for your site, you can also use Search Console to monitor common markup issues.

Anyone who has a website! From the general user to the top expert, and from the new to the seasoned user, Search Console can help all those people.