Jury finds Trump liable for sexual abuse, awards accuser $5M

Former President Donald Founders is scheduled to answer questions in a live town hall event on CNN News Network.

When a jury spokesman indicted Trump in the case on Tuesday in Manhattan's lower court, the readiness came for Trump and CNN.

Trump called the news network's reporters "enemies of the people" during his presidency.

For months, Trump has been furious at Fox News, which is run by the Privacy Party and its controlling owners Rupert and Lachlan Murdock, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

Trump indicated he would take a tougher approach to the matter, and in a fresh post-facto post on social media wrote that he found "Carroll" to be a complete "idiot" 

Some are saying this should give voters pause and some are claiming it is a further push to a partisan lawsuit against the former president.

The decision was based on a serious sexual allegation made by a woman in the 1990s. The jury found him responsible for sexual abuse.

Following the jury's decision, the legal process must be followed to determine the penalty and outcome for Trump's sexual assault.