When lawmakers fail to pass a budget, the federal government shuts down.

What is a government shutdown?

Non-essential government services are suspended, and many federal employees are furloughed. 

What happens during a shutdown? 

Congress and the White House are divided on spending priorities, and there is little time for an agreement before the fiscal year ends on Sept. 30.

Why is a government shutdown likely in 2023? 

Shutdowns can have a significant impact on the economy, businesses, and individuals. 

What are the impacts of a government shutdown? 

Federal employees, low-income Americans, and businesses that rely on government contracts are most likely to be hurt by a shutdown. 

Who is hurt most by a government shutdown? 

Congress and the White House need to work together to reach a compromise on spending. 

How can we avoid a government shutdown? 

If you are a federal employee, contact your union for more information. If you are a contractor, contact the agency you work for. 

What can I do if there is a government shutdown? 

Donate to food banks and other charities that are helping those affected by the shutdown. 

How can I help others during a government shutdown? 

Tell them that you support a budget that funds essential government services and avoids a shutdown. 

Contact your elected representatives 

Use social media to raise awareness about the government shutdown and urge lawmakers to reach a compromise.