In recent times, Google Web Story is very much in trend and people are earning a lot of money from it, you can also earn.

google web stories earning

By creating a good web story, you can bring a lot of traffic to your blog and website, that too in a very short time. 

Google WebStories is an open source format for visual storytelling. In which the story is told in start. 

You can use AdSense to serve ads in web stories and earn money from the ads that appear on them. 

Google Web Stories Only display ads served on the Google Display Network are currently available through AdSense. 

Google will update it in a short time and make the new feature visible to other partner's ads also available through AdSense. 

With this, you can choose the AdSense network according to your mind and you can earn by showing ads according to your mind. 

Google Monetization-  We can monetize our stories  through google stories ads  . Like we monetize the blog. 

For this you must have a website or blog on WordPress as well as you must have AdSense approval. 

For how to earn money from Google Web Stories, Google itself guides you, you can earn google web stories by reading Google's web stories guide.